We have our  irc channels thanks to the guys at Corrupt-Net IRC.
To join, make sure you have an irc client installed such as mIRC or XChat then join and our channel or just click here.

To join any of the following channels below just type /join “#CHANNELNAME” without that quotes. – main irc channel where you can find our release bot.
#Tracer – Release race stats of Private Trackers
#Pre – The Pre channel for Scene Releases. Also includes release nukes.
#Pre.Search – Does what the name implies, to search for a release type !pre “RELEASENAME” without the quotes.

These are the irc rules, stick to them and you’ll be ok.

General info
Remember to register your nickname on our IRC server. You can register with a few easy steps:
* Register: /ns register
* Identify: /identify (everytime you join irc you will have to indetify yourself)
If there are any questions regarding the IRC server, please send a PM to Error, Thunder or request a pm with them on the irc channel.

owner = founder, owner, headadministrators and they get ~
bots = [SceneReleases] & SRRSS and they get &
editors = protected operator, a.k.a SOP (Super Operator), and they get @
elite = voice aka VOP, and get +

General rules – these can result in a warning (3 warnings is a kick)
* Do not mention other release sites unless you edit the name.
* To much bashing of other sites is not tolerated. Not even from admins or mods.
* Using a lot of capitals when you type.
* Be patient with newcomers. It’s easy to forget that you started out as a newb too.
* Send a pm to an admin or mod without asking first to get permission.
* Refrain from quoting excessively. When quoting someone, quote only the part that is necessary.
* Disruptive behaviour in the forums will result in a warning there AND on IRC, and you will only get one.
* No asking for invites, we got a forum topic for that!

General rules – these can result in a kick (3 kicks is a ban)
* You’re not aloud to post a lot of links fast from a release for example:
[**:**] <*****> … part33.rar
[**:**] <*****> … part34.rar
[**:**] <*****> … part35.rar
You have to ask if anybody’s interested and pm them to them.
We’re not responsable for the links in any way!
* You may post a link to a release from a public torrent site.
* Do not ask for invites (check for them here)
* Do not advertise

General rules – these can result in a ban
* Respect the admins(&) and mods(@) but they’re always in for a laugh!(just read the irc chapters)
* Do not pm an admin or mod without permission.
* No propaganda, aggressive or unfriendly behaviour, flaming or racist remarks!
* You may not posts links to anti-sites, spamsites, childpron etc. of any kind in the irc channel.
* No flooding

* For irc help on irc, request help in the main channel and an admin or mod will help you asap.
(the one who’s gonna help needs to post this in the main channel)
* All software support questions, or connectablility questions should be directed to Faolanscath.
If it’s urgent get him on irc, if he’s not on irc or it’s not urgent pm him on the forum.

*I got a release that isn’t on the site yet, what do I do now?
pm an admin or mod and ask if they can post it aftey they check if it’s a legit release.
Be aware that we need an nfo and a sample if there is one, you can pass it on through DCC then.

*How do I get voice status?
This is when you help out a lot for the site without being a true staffmember
If you got another question related to our blog’s performance/content, go to our Contact page.